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Forward Head Posture Syndrome

Patients often ask me, “How can I avoid neck pain?” And I tell them, “The fastest way to avoid neck pain is to stop looking in the mirror.” That usually goes over pretty well. But, on a more serious note, let’s take a moment to talk about neck pain. Consider just how much of our […]


  Stretching helps keep your spine healthy. See below for some great stretches.

Stay Young the First 90 Years

There is nothing like youth. No one wants to feel old and be in pain. In the last 100 years, modern medicine has made tremendous strides in extending our life expectancy. However, as we age, the most common functional disabilities in people over the age of 50 are SPINAL DISORDERS! If you knew someone was […]

Wellness Care is Better than Sickness Care

  Over the course of your life, beginning from the time you were a baby, you have had hundreds of spills and falls, the cumulative effects of which have been building up over time, putting stress on your structural system. This stress continues to build, until one day you experience significant spinal pain. Receiving chiropractic […]

Don’t Sit for Long!

As we age, our spine naturally degenerates, but accelerated degeneration can be brought on through injury or lack of motion. Chiropractic works to both restore and maintain proper spinal motion. It’s not just our spine that needs to keep moving, but our body as a whole. Sitting for prolonged periods has been shown to shorten […]