Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic Techniques

Patients in need of chiropractic care often suffer from a spinal misalignment or a lack of motion in the spine. We treat this problem by performing a series of adjustments to your vertebrae. These adjustments restore motion to your spine through a quick, but not hard, thrust into the joint. At Everest Chiropractic we use the diversified and activator chiropractic techniques. Below are a few of the more common adjustment methods that are used in our office.


Activator Technique 

An instrument called an “acitvator” ( adjusts vertebrae with an extremely fast and light thrust. This allows the joint to be reset. There is no popping with this type of adjustment and it is considered a “low-force adjustment.” The activator technique is a great way to adjust babies or children because it uses low force, a light alternative to the typical “hands-on” chiropractic approach.

Diversified Technique

Diversified is a technique that involves high velocity, low amplitude manipulations into the affected area. Frequently a popping sound, which is a release of gas from the joint, is heard during the adjustment.

Lumbar Rolls

Lumbar rolls involve lying the patient on his side and are used for introducing movement into the low back.

Table Adjustments

Table adjustments, performed while the patient is lying face down with the doctor’s hands crossed over the patient’s spine, are used to introduce movement into the upper back. Alternatively, the patient may lie on his back with the doctor’s hands placed underneath him. Often, the doctor will try to find the most comfortable position for the patient when restoring proper movement in the patient’s spine.

Adjustments to the neck are done with the patient lying on his back. This adjustment is achieved through rotating the patient’s neck.

Soft Tissue Techniques 

Graston and ART-like treatments are used to remove scar tissue and loosen muscles in order for them to contract properly and enter the rehabilitative phase. These techniques are utilized together with adjustments when a patient presents with scar tissue upon evaluation.


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