Light-Force Chiropractic

Light-Force Chiropractic

The activator is an instrument that is extremely fast, yet light in force. It restores movement into the affected area to reset the nerves and allow the joint to move properly. As one of chiropractic’s most researched technique, we are proud to offer this alternative for the elderly, pediatric, and our regular client base at our clinic.

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Below are just some of the groups who benefit from the use of light-force chiropractic:

Newborn Babies

Babies have just experienced the trauma of birth. This trauma can present with neck, back, and shoulder fixations that respond well to chiropractic treatment. Often babies get colic or colds that can be treated through the use of light-force chiropractic.


Children are resilient and recover from illnesses faster than adults. Therefore, they don’t need chiropractic care as frequently as adults do. Bringing your child in once every two months or when he/she gets sick is recommended to keep them healthy. Light-force chiropractic is a great alternative to the diversified technique (see Chiropractic Techniques under the Philosophy tab for more information) for an apprehensive child.


The elderly who have osteopenia benefit from light-force chiropractic treatment because their bones become brittle and regular adjustments are too forceful for them.

The Sensitive

Patients who are very sensitive can choose to use the activator because it is not as aggressive as the typical hands-on approach.

The Squeamish

Others get squeamish from the popping sound that accompanies the hands-on diversified technique and the activator presents an alternative.

While there are many light-force chiropractic techniques, here at Everest Chiropractic we are proud to offer the activator method as a research-backed, effective chiropractic alternative to diversified adjusting.

Come in today and experience the benefit of light-force adjusting for yourself. May the (light) force be with you.

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