Our Procedure

Our Procedure

Dr. Gabe will begin with a consultation where your current complaints and past medical history will be reviewed and documented. After which, an in depth physical examination will be performed, which includes orthopedic, neurological, and range of motion assessments in order to diagnose the cause of your problem. In some instances, x-rays will be prescribed to obtain more information. Following the exam, Dr. Gabe will give you a comprehensive report of findings based on the diagnosis that was determined.

Initial visits do not typically include a full treatment session, but will be aimed at lessening current pain and determining the proper course of treatment going forward. During the second visit, full treatment begins. Chiropractic care involves introducing movement into areas of the spine that are restricted in an effort to enable the nervous system to function without “short circuits” or interference. By returning the nerves to their normal state and restoring full range of spinal motion, numbness, pain, and tingling fade away. Further, by restoring motion into the spine, accelerated degeneration can be avoided. Every machine, including your spine, needs to move properly to prevent it from breaking down faster than necessary.

Another aspect of treatment is removing scar tissue, when necessary. This is achieved through various soft tissue techniques that involve stretching the muscle under tension to lengthen it to its natural state.

Lastly, rehabilitation of the muscles is often needed to strengthen and balance the affected area. In the affected area, muscles tend to get weak. Rehabilitation works to turn on, strengthen, and stabilize the area in order to “hold in place” the proper spinal movement after each adjustment. Rehabilitation is done in the office and continued at home through the use of a home exercise program. Home exercise programs increase in complexity as treatment progresses and the area of complaint gets progressively stronger.

Through restoring optimal nervous system function, proper spinal movement, and muscular strength, Dr. Gabe will empower you to “Reach Your Peak,” and stay there!

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